Vol. I No. 2 | June 2020

Annisa D. Amalia, Lecturer, Department of International Relations, Universitas Indonesia.
Fredy Buhama Lumban Tobing, Senior Lecturer, Department of International Relations, Universitas Indonesia.
Riza Iskandar, Outreach/Engagement Specialist at Compact Development Team for MCC2 Program, Ministry of National Development Planning, Republic of Indonesia

As the international community enters the era of ‘sustainable development’, humanity’s most existential threats persist. It provokes questions regarding the state’s responsibility and the relevance of the existing development framework across the globe. The discussion implies that although security-development nexus has posited human at the core of its discourses, the practices remain paradoxical. However, the call to engage human beings as development subjects and to embrace their diverse experiences and realities has gradually diminished the disillusionment of ‘development from below’.

Keywords: empowerment, neoliberal politics, state-centrism, sustainable development