Vol. I No. 7 | September 2020

Annisa D. Amalia (Lecturer, Department of International Relations, Universitas Indonesia)
Edy Prasetyono (Senior Lecturer, Department of International Relations, Universitas Indonesia)
Andi Widjajanto (Senior Advisor, Executive Office of the President of the Republic of Indonesia)

The concept of human security, which has been praised for its purpose to challenge state’s domination in the realm of security, evidently opens up avenues for exercising state’s power. The state’s control over securitisation strategy and the lack of non-state powers to address human insecurities have attracted the profound debate on state versus human security and raised the question on “whose security should be protected?”. While a call for rethinking the concept of security is being voiced out, the concern over the protection of human welfare should be given the same degree of attention.

Keywords: state security, securitisation, militarization, human welfare