Vol. IV / No. 8 | November 2023

Muhammad Fatahillah, M.Si. (Associate researcher at the Department of International Relations, Universitas Indonesia)

Sea level rise is a real threat that can sink several cities in the coastal area of Southeast Asia region (ASEAN). This threat is not only experienced by small cities, but also threatens large cities and even those with the status of capitals of ASEAN member countries such as Jakarta, Bangkok, Hanoi, Manila, and Singapore. Unfortunately, this issue is only seen as part of the natural impact of the global warming phenomenon and the steps taken still appear sporadic according to the capacity of each country/city. Therefore, seriousness is needed in responding to this issue, one of which is by building cooperation and multilateralism in the form of a City Resilient Network against the threat of sinking coastal cities in the Southeast Asia region (ASEAN).

Keywords: ASEAN, land subsidence, sea level rise, sinking coastal cities, transnational resilient city networks.