Ristian Atriandi Supriyanto, M.Sc.


Ristian Atriandi SUPRIYANTO (‘Andi’) is a lecturer with the Department of International Relations, Universitas Indonesia (IRUI). His research interests cover maritime strategy and security in theory and practice, as well as the foreign and defence policies of Australia, India and Indonesia. He holds a Master of Science in Strategic Studies from RSIS and a Bachelor of Social Science in International Relations from Universitas Indonesia. Andi’s latest works include “Indonesia and Maritime Security Cooperation in Southeast Asia” published by Brill in December 2022. He co-edited Naval Modernisation in Southeast Asia: Problems and Prospects for Small and Medium Navies with Geoffrey Till. His publications have also appeared in India Review, Australian Naval Review, Asia Policy (US), Asian Politics and Policy, Foreign Policy (US), The Diplomat (US-Japan), Straits Times (Singapore), East Asia Forum (Australia), Policy Forum (Australia), The Jakarta Post, The Australian, Janes Navy International (UK) and Defense News (US), among others.

  • Maritime Strategy and Security in Theory and Practice
  • Strategic and Defence Studies
  • Australian, Indian, and Indonesian Foreign and Defence Policies