Vol. I No. 3 | July 2020

Annisa D. Amalia, Lecturer, Department of International Relations, Universitas Indonesia.
Evi Fitriani, Senior Lecturer, Department of International Relations, Universitas Indonesia.
Sally Texania, Visual Arts Independent Curator.

As the international society continue to witness varying forms of threats to humanity, the concept of ‘human security’ as introduced by the state has constantly been challenged for its inadequacy to capture and address the realities of human insecurity. The silver lining of this situation, however, relies on how those mainstream ideas of human securities are continuously contested and redefined through the medium of art. Through the use of alternative public and transnational space, art represents sincere aspirations of the people and facilitate them to realize their vision of their own – and others’ – (in)securities, beyond the imaginary, yet powerful, wall of sovereignty which serve the national and rational interests of the powerful actors.

Keywords: arts, human security, relational aesthetics, representations of (in)security