Gender and International Relations: An Introduction

  • Editor: Dra. Ani W. Soetjipto, M.A.
  • Publication Year: 2013
  • Publication Place: Jakarta
  • Publisher: Jalasutra
  • Language : Bahasa Indonesia
  • Short Description:

Gender and feminism are multidisciplinary studies. Therefore, when the study of International Relations use gender lens and feminist perspectives, analyses and the discussions of international political issues become more comprehensive, deep, and incisive. International issues that are studied through gender lens also become more varied to also include traditional issues in International Relations. Issues of violence against women in war, women as agents of peace, global migration, women trafficking, women migrant workers, domestic workers, and women rights in international conventions and convention protocols are part of the gender dimensions of international issues discussed in this book.

This is an introduction book for early readers of gender, feminist theories and International Relations. It is suitable for students, lecturers, researchers from a plethora of backgrounds. This book is also suitable for women rights activists and other pro-democracy activists. It is expected that this book will also bring benefit to the general public who have limited knowledge of gender, feminism, and International Relations.