Study Center


Center for International Relations Studies (CIReS)

There are already several think-tanks in Indonesia concerned with the issue of international relations. The presence of this center is to enrich the discussions in the field of international relations, especially those related to Indonesia. After its founding in 2003, there has already been quality research conducted by this unit, with much more to come.  The recent project done by CIReS was the research of “Manipulation of Election, Electoral Fraud, and Security Apparatus” of which the monograph was published on April 2014.

ASEAN Study Center (ASC)


The high speed of regionalization in East Asia requires a quick response. The International Relations Department, with cooperation from Indonesia’s Foreign Ministry, has built an initiative on researching and developing the idea of cooperation amongst ASEAN member states. The initiative took the form of the ASEAN Study Center which was founded in March of 2013. The center is under the Faculty of Social and Political Sciences with the operational matter belongs to Department of International Relations.  In principle, the ASC is a think tank, aimed at promoting policy-oriented research with a special focus on improving economic, political, security and cultural cooperation between countries and communities in the South East Asian Region and their relation to Indonesia. The recent project done by ASC was the research upon Service Sector Liberalization accomplished on December 2013.

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