Head’s Message

Welcome to the website of Department of International Relations, Faculty of Social and Political Sciences (FISIP), Universitas Indonesia! In 2015, we celebrated our 30th anniversary, which marked our continuous efforts to be the center of education, research and community service in the field of International Relations in Indonesia.

The Department of International Relations has grown to be a pillar of excellence for FISIP, Universitas Indonesia and Indonesia as a whole. Our teaching staffs involve in the making and implementation of Indonesia’s foreign policy as well as in the substantive theoretical and practical debate at international level. Publication from teaching staffs become national references and are published in various international journals. Moreover, students of this department have proven their achievements at the national, regional and international level. It is an outstanding success that the our graduates reach 800 persons and contribute to various public and private sectos, both within and outside Indonesia.

Locating near to the capital city of Jakarta, Department of International Relations has a close partnership with Indonesia’s foreign policy decision makers. It is a decisive act for us to ensure that theoretical scholarship improvement goes hand in hand with Indonesia’s foreign policy practices. Such strategic position has led us to expand our educational and research network to regional and international level. Our research unit, the ASEAN Study Center, is the country coordinator for Indonesia at the Network of East Asian Think-Tank (NEAT). Our teaching staffs also join many international forums, such as the Regional Network of ASEAN Study Center, Shangri-La Dialogue, Xiangshan Forum, Delhi Dialogue, Europe-Asia Forum, Japan-ASEAN Forum, China-ASEAN Forum, Korea-ASEAN Forum, The US-Indonesia Bilateral Dialogue, and many others.

For upcoming students, we welcome you to join and to get the nation’s best education in the field of International Relations. For academics, we invite you to bring the department to the next level. We also welcome external parties to arrange networking and partnership, especially for education, research and community service purposes.

Best regards,